The team of his colleagues is concerned

First Man (2018) มนุษย์คนแรกบนดวงจันทร์

First Man (2018) มนุษย์คนแรกบนดวงจันทร์

First Man

First Man 1961. NASA Neil Armstrong is an experiment pilot piloting the X-15 rocket-powered spaceplane. The plane accidentally strikes the atmospheric space. The team of his colleagues is concerned about the possibility that his recent series of accidents could be the result of distractedness.

Karen is his daughter, aged 2 years old. She is currently receiving treatment for a brain tumor. Armstrong is desperate to save his daughter, Karen keeps a meticulous note of her symptoms and researches possibilities of treatment options. But, she passed away shortly afterward. Armstrong is adrift and convinced that he’s grounded, makes an application to Project Gemini. Armstrong is later accepted into NASA Astronaut Group II. Armstrong and his wife Janet and their son Rick relocate to Houston along with other families of astronauts. Armstrong makes acquaintances with Elliot See and Ed White. When Space Armstrong begins his the training process, Deke explains to the astronauts who are about to join him the significance of Gemini as Gemini was the first spacecraft to be launched by the Soviet Union had completed every step of the Space Race before the United States. Janet Armstrong and Mark have another child, Mark.

Following the Soviets have completed their first Extravehicular Activity (EVA) in the year 1965, Armstrong is informed by the United States that he will be in charge of Gemini 8 with David Scott the pilot. Armstrong is devastated over the loss of See and Charles Bassett in the T38 collision. Scott and Armstrong were successful in launching the spacecraft on Gemini 8. They were able to dock with the Agena vehicle. But shortly after, the spacecraft began to move at a rapid rate because of an issue with the. Armstrong starts the RCS thrusters, after almost losing consciousness , and halting the mission. While he initially received criticism, NASA determined that the crew was not at fault and the mission was judged as successful.

Then, White reveals that he was chosen to take one of the Apollo 1 missions together with Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee. White as well as the Apollo 1 crew are killed in the fire that occurred during the launch test. Armstrong is informed of the news while the representative of NASA in the White House. Following Armstrong’s crash, in which it is possible that he was killed in the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, Slayton informs Armstrong that he’s been selected to lead Apollo 11. It is likely to be the first moon landing. Neil becomes more occupied as the date for the mission gets closer. He also feels emotional distant from his family. Janet confronts Armstrong prior to the launch with questions about the possibility that he might not be capable of surviving. She demands that Armstrong inform his young children the dangers involved in the mission. Armstrong left his family members after telling them about the dangers that he was facing.

Three days after launch, Apollo 11 enters lunar orbit. Aldrin and Armstrong have landed on the Module Eagle of the Moon Module Eagle in order to start their landing. Armstrong has to take control by hand of his spacecraft as the terrain at the landing site is more challenging than he had anticipated. In less than 30 seconds of fuel remaining Armstrong successfully land Eagle on an alternative location. Armstrong announces his famous line when he sets foot on the Moon. Then, he puts the bracelet of Karen inside Little West. When their mission is complete the astronauts go back to their home and are put into the quarantine. They are shown footage from John F. Kennedy’s 1962 speech ” We choose to go to the Moon” and Janet Armstrong and Janet Armstrong have a moment of intimacy.

Author: Herman Garcia