Cabin Fever A forest-dwelling hermit discovers his dog has died

Cabin Fever 10 (2002) วินาที หนีตาย เชื้อนรก

Cabin Fever 10 (2002) วินาที หนีตาย เชื้อนรก

Cabin Fever A forest-dwelling hermit discovers his dog has died of a mysterious illness and is sprayed by its infected blood. Marcy, Karen, Bert and Jeff five of their friends, have rented an apartment in the same woods for the next week on vacation. The group stops for things at the Priddy’s General Store. Dennis, the intellectually-disabled son of the store manager, unexpectedly bites Paul’s hand.

Bert is armed with a rifle in the woods. Bert is mistakenly shot by the hermit he encounters. He gets scared when he realizes the hermit has contracted the disease and flees. The other people around him don’t know about the disease.

In the evening, as the crowd gathers around a campfire, an stranger who goes by the name of Grim as well as his dog, Dr. Mambo, gatecrash their evening.

Later that night an infected hermit comes to the cabin in search of assistance. Bert knocks the door into his face while the panicked man tries to take over the vehicle of the group. The conflict escalates between the hermit and five other friends. During the fight, they accidentally wreck their car and then set fire to the hermit. The hermit flees into the forest, probably to his own death.

Jeff and Bert embark on the following day to seek assistance. They encounter an agricultural worker who is willing assistance, but they hastily leave when they discover that the farmer is actually her cousin. Meanwhile, Deputy Winston arrives at the lodge to look into reports of the night before’s disturbance. Paul talks about the events, but he doesn’t mention the hermit’s presumed death. Winston promises to send a tow truck to be his replacement before he departs.

Grim is not there at the time Dr. Mambo returns to his home, and he is to be infected. He threatens Paul and Bert, before Marcy scares him off with the gun.

As Paul and Karen meet their escape, they discover that Karen is infected with the flesh-eating virus. Her leg has started to decay. Karen was locked by her family members in the shed, afraid of spreading the disease. Paul leaves on foot to find assistance, but the few people he meets pursue him, thinking they are him for a spying Tom.

The next morning the team’s plan to leave is thwarted when Karen spills blood all across the interior of the car. Bert goes back to the general shop alone, and Jeff escapes to a cabin far from everyone. Marcy and Paul lament their poor chances of surviving and are in a relationship, hoping they’ll have enough time to be able to regret it. Then, Marcy discovers marks on her back that reveal she is also sick. Cabin Fever HD

In the general store Dennis is bitten by Bert’s hand, just like he did with Paul. Tommy, Bert’s father, was furious with Bert for exposing him to the virus and he and his buddies are able to chase Bert down in order to stop the spread of disease. In the process of seeking help, Paul encounters the severely-burnt hermit who is in the lake. It is surprising to discover that the hermit is alive and attacking Paul. Paul then fights with him and kills him.

Marcy takes a bath and shaves her legs, and the infected tissue begins to peel off her body. She stumbling out in a state of distress and is mauled to death by Dr. Mambo.

Paul returns to Karen’s boat shed, in which he pleads with her to murder him. Paul returns to the boat shed carrying the gun empty. He is unable finish his job of cutting her face by using an axe, so he sets the fire on fire and watch in horror when Karen is completely burned alive. Tommy follows Bert and kills him as he makes his way to his cabin. Paul recovers Bert’s rifle and guns down Tommy and two of his accomplices. Paul escapes in Tommy’s truck however, he crashes it into a tree before exploding. Paul, covered in blood, stumbles upon a small campfire party held by deputy Winston. Winston receives a call on the radio from the sheriff directing her to shoot Paul at the sight of. However, Paul convinces Winston to allow him to go instead.

The next day, Jeff returns to the cabin the next morning. He finds the corpses of his companions and Tommy’s accomplices. He rejoices in having overcome the trauma for the first time, until he sees indications of the infection on his hand. Deputy Winston shoots him with a sniper gun and takes his life. Paul succumbs to infection and drops dead in the forest, where Dennis discovers his body. As authorities and a hazmat team clean up the scene, it’s confirmed that Jeff’s body fell in the lake. The body is now covered in his blood.


Author: Herman Garcia